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What is Hypnosis and how does it work.

Hypnosis is not mind control, instead it is a process of flexible adaptive thinking allowing your mind to absorb new ideas.

It differs in how we usually try to make changes, such as  planning, getting some advice, or logical help understand this, think of your mind as a lump of clay.

To begin with the clay is soft and flexible it can be made into anything, much like the minds of children.

As time passes the clay begins to harden, it becomes more difficult to work with. The choices of what you can now achieve with it reduce. When the clay finally hardens you are now stuck with whatever it is you have.

Hard rigid and inflexibe.

However if we add water, we can now begin to mould it once again into something useful.

Hypnosis is the water.

With Hypnosis we get the mind exercising how to act differently in the real world

With Hypnosis we engage the parts of the mind that need to change, like a mental gymnastic exercise it is a process of activating those areas of the brain responsible for the unhelpful behaviours, and retraining them to work in a helpful and positive way. It is like the difference between reading about running and actually running. Reading about self help materials rather than absorbing the concepts and living them.

At my offices I prefer to think about the hypnosis session as a mental workout for the mind rather than therapy.

Q2-Do I remain in control?

This is the question people worry about after seeing hypnosis on T.V or a stage show.

However remember from above, hypnosis has little to do with losing control. Hypnosis makes ideas more fluid.

The context of a stage show gives people permission to act out, and the people who are stage are volunteers. Hypnosis makes the hypnotists suggestions more fluid and responsive, thus creating exaggerated behaviours from the volunteers. But the initial permission that I what to be participating up on stage has be there, otherwise the "powerful" suggestions are like ten times zero.......

What does Hypnotherapy feel like?

Hypnosis does not feel like anything.

Much like thinking does not feel like anything.

What you think about determines how you feel. Think about a sad thought and you may feel sadder. A happier thought, happier. The same is with hypnosis. Because you are lying in a comfortable chair, and because your eyes are closed, hypnosis in a hypnotherapists room generally feels very relaxing.

Hypnosis+Therapy= Hypnotherapy

There is a therapeutic aspect to hypnotherapy and it is this process which will determine the results, rather than the hypnosis itself. Different hypnotherapists have a different skill base and it is important for a client to determine if the hypnotherapist they are seeing have the skills to enact change.

A hypnotherapist with a basic skill set may use a relaxation induction which may take up to 20 minutes of the clients session time and is then followed with direct suggestions to enact change.

At Lifestyle Hypnosis we take a different approach.

Lifestyle Hypnosis. Techniques and Applications

At Lifestyle Hypnosis we use direct suggestions plus powerful therapeutic tools such as gestalt dialogues, regression, informed child, forgiveness therapy, parts therapy, post hypnotic suggestions, habit reversal techniques, and metaphor modelling.

The above skills are often incorporated into a system of schooling and put together following thousands of sessions with clients, and draws upon the work of renown hypnotherapists Roger Saxlby, Paul Dixon and Anthony Jacqueline and is used by some of the most experienced and accomplished hypnotherapists from around the world today.

If you have any further questions about hypnosis or would like to book an appointment please feel free to contact myself by e-mail or phone 0800 497 667.

Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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