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The Simpson Protocol technique represents a profound breakthrough in hypnosis, taking hypnosis to another level

What are the benefits of Simpson Protocol?

  • It’s very fast – the higher mind works everything the most efficient way possible. Many issues can be cleared in one session.
  • It’s non-obtrusive- the client never needs to reveal what the issue is – or even what is happening during the hypnosis session through talking or counselling.
  • It’s client empowering – clients have all the power and do all the work – and they recognize this on a conscious level.
  • The hypnotist’s judgement is taken out of the process.
  • The higher self indicates what is or is not done.
  • The system allows a hypnotist to take ANYONE (99.99% of the time) withing 3 – 5 minutes, and thus access this superconcious higher mind without conscious interference.

How does the Simpson Protocol work?

The Simpson Protocol is a process that allows the client’s conscious mind to relax and step aside so that the superconscious can work freely and completely to the benefit of the client’s optimum outcome.
This takes the hypnotist’s conscious mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client-centered which empowers the client.
The key to Simpson Protocol is that the hypnotist is able to communicate with their client while they are in very deep states of hypnosis thus accessing the most powerful parts of their mind – that always work for the client’s ultimate good.
Clients do their own inner work with the direction of the hypnotist to help them resolve whatever issue that is disturbing them. There is no need for the client to tell you the issue. Their mind knows the issue – and that is enough for the Simpson Protocol.

The client’s own mind directs where and what will be worked on and does the work internally and privately when needed. This is a major benefit for many clients who don’t wish to expose their problems to anyone else due to privacy issues.

What is the Simpson Protocol for?

The system is wide ranging, far reaching and easy to use for ANY issue. This presents a breakthrough in the field of hypnosis work. Due to the popularity of this program we have created different session packages. Pick the one that you would like to work on with your issues. You may select a new program to work on after completing should you so desire.
Standard sessions of SP program may vary depending on what the higher mind choses to work on in the best way for the clients.

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SP Pro Health and Weight Reduction

Using Simpson Protocol for weight reduction allows a complete holistic approach maximizing the client’s desire and outcome for their optimum body set weight, and will allow the client to maintain it comfortably and easily.
The program also combines with Pro-Active Health for optimum health outcomes, using Simpson Protocol for a complete approach to weight and health management.
No guessing or trial and error for the hypnotist or client – everything is created by the higher mind. Weight and health are managed in the most optimum way.
Weight levels kept easily and simply – no diets, no stress
This is also perfect alternative to the virtual gastric band or (post /pre surgery) fast effective healing.

SP Foundation Birthing

What is the Simpson Foundational Protocol for Birthing?

SP Foundational Birthing:

  • Is a complete inclusive program to obtain the best possible birth scenario for mother and child.
  • Takes advantage in the best way to produce a truly foundational birth program for mother, child and family.
  • Is unique in that it connects mother to baby at the earliest possible time, thus allowing full connection and communication with the baby-to-be, and mother.
  • Allows mother and child to grow together and have a strong attachment and awareness of the other, pre-birth, post birth and into their lives.
  • Builds the foundation at embryo level for mother and child for a future positive life.
  • Acknowledges the possibility of not just birth trauma or fear on the part of the mother (or the Mother’s Mother) but the possibility of the embryo coming into life with existing trauma – and releasing all issues.

Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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