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How to stop emotional eating

When using hypnosis to stop emotional eating we look to create the following changes

  • To stop feeling emotions excessively in situations where they don't make sense
  • To create a stronger sense of well being.
  • To feel more comfortable when feeling an emotion  without the need to seek comfort from it in the form of food
  • To feel able to cope with what ever is happening or may happen, without the need or want for food
  • A strong sense of self esteem and self confidence

The hypnosis process is not about talking about the problems, say as you would in counselling, but to actually feel different in emotional situations. The process is also not about creating will power to resist food, but to create a feeling like you no longer need it, or anything else in a difficult situation.

While most people I see are for help in stopping emotional eating are in relation to feeling  sad, down, lonely, low self esteem and or depressed.  Results between clients does vary, with each client have there own unique challenges to overcome.

There are also  fear based emotions like stress, anxiety, and worry that can also be problem areas. Working with hypnosis we can help with both.

Stopping emotional eating with hypnosis- 3 week plan

We plan on 3 sessions over 3 weeks. We need this time frame so you can experience going through life events, and noticing the difference in your eating.

We work with the emotions during the session rather than talking about them. For most clients the significant changes are achieved in the first 2 sessions. the session is to ensure they are long lasting changes and gives us more time to check the results.

Case study 1. - Kathy

Kathy finds herself  emotional overeating when she is feeling down and alone.  Using hypnosis we quickly unravel the main cause as being low self esteem. For Kathy low self esteem means that:

  1. Family members put here down and demand too much from her
  2. Friends tell her how to think and what to do
  3. She doubts her own thoughts and opinions.

Kathy has thought her problem is saying no to food, her problem is actually saying no to other people.

For Kathy we focus first on building self esteem, self worth, and the confidence to say no to people and voice  her own onion. Once Kathy has taken control of this aspect of her life she has no more need to lean on food.

Case study 2 - Lynn

Lynn's husband has a change of work and is now doing  lot of shift work, and Lynn's eating has increased during these lonely nights.

With hypnosis we quickly identify Lynn has a strong negative association with being alone There are some negative associations from her past, yelling and shouting parents when she was a child, and spending a lot of time by herself in her room, this association exaggerates the feeling of loneliness more than it needs to be.

(Note, this not counselling. During the session we are not analysing the past events, just the feeling associated with it so we can change it)

The hypnosis process is breaking the link between being alone and the negative associations. By the end of the sessions while Lynn still misses her husband when he is away, she is a lot more comfortable and finds no need to eat.

Case study 3 - Lucy

Lucy just broke up with her boyfriend 2 weeks ago. They were going out together for 5 years and engaged to be married in 4 months time. Now it is over.

Lucy is feeling down & sad. To help her through this she is eating for comfort. The hypnosis process is to help Lucy feel okay about being sad and down. (yes you read that correctly). Lucy is not suppose to feel happy, or positive right now.

The hypnosis process is to help Lucy go through a difficult time and her life without the need to eat. To feel what ever she needs to feel, and to experience anything she needs to experience until life picks up for her again without the need to rely on food.


Emotional eating is not about food anymore than panadol are about headaches.

If you take panadol for your headache, the panadol is not the problem. When you eat emotionally, food is not the actual problem it is temporary relief from the problem.  You just think food is the problem because of the weight gain or sense of loss of control.

Emotional eating is not about food. It is about emotions.

The case study's above highlight obvious problems clients have. For many clients the emotions can be a lot more subtle and less obvious than the case studies. The solution to what you think needs to change is rarely the one you think it is going to be, however hypnosis brings sudden clarity to the situation, and the exercises I then run you through can quickly bring change and where food is no longer a problem.

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Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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