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Hypnosis for drinking problems

Reduce your drinking with hypnosis.  From the person who has let their social drinking or evening wine get out of hand, to the person where alcohol has been  a constant lifelong problem, with hypnosis for alcohol reduction lets make it easier for you to cut back.

From breaking habits and associations with drinking, using it to de- stress each night,  as an emotional crutch, or just feeling the need for a few too many drinks at social gatherings, there are many ways we can use hypnosis to help stop binge drinking, or just know when to stop.

Most clients should plan on 3 sessions spaced a week apart and to ensure they keep to their usual routine over the 3 weeks, observing the difference in their behaviour and sharing their results on the follow up sessions. Results between clients may vary, with each client having their own unique challenges to overcome.

Drink less Training Guide Testimonial

I found Lifestyle Hypnosis one night on the internet through desperate tears and booked an introduction session with him. I told him what I wanted to change - I was an alcoholic and couldn’t stop drinking daily no matter how upset, sick and tired I was of it. Over the simple 3 sessions he was able to cure me! After this miracle Lifestyle Hypnosis suggested I do the Simpson and Protocol Optimal well being program as my alcoholism was stemmed from my childhood molestation and rape.

Hypnotherapy does work but I think you need to find a person that can be trusted and is qualified and this is everything about Lifestyle Hypnosis. I would recommend them 100%

K.J, Auckland

Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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