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Hypnosis for drinking problems

Reduce your drinking with hypnosis.  From the person who has let their social drinking or evening wine get out of hand, to the person where alcohol has been  a constant lifelong problem, with hypnosis for alcohol reduction lets make it easier for you to cut back.

From breaking habits and associations with drinking, using it to de- stress each night,  as an emotional crutch, or just feeling the need for a few too many drinks at social gatherings, there are many ways we can use hypnosis to help stop binge drinking, or just know when to stop.

Most clients should plan on 3 sessions spaced a week apart and to ensure they keep to their usual routine over the 3 weeks, observing the difference in their behaviour and sharing their results on the follow up sessions. Results between clients may vary, with each client having their own unique challenges to overcome.

Case study 1.

Sarah had always enjoyed a wine with friends, her partner also enjoyed  a wine at meals and it had all been a normal part of their life. However recently Sarah had realised her drinking was becoming out of hand.

Drinking every night and often more than a  bottle. Worried that it was going to get worse, Sarah used Hypnotherapy as a way to reduce her drinking.

Using hypnosis she soon realised that since staff cuts at her job,  a lot more work pressure had been piling up, and with  her partner often away, alcohol had become a habitual way to avoid the stress and loneliness

Rather than use counselling and talk about how to cope, with hypnosis we help exercise her mind on how to feel more self assure of herself, less stressed, and more comfortable when she was by herself.

After 3 sessions Sarah found she was calling up friends, getting out of the house and while she could have a drink if she choose to, it was no longer a big deal. She still missed her partner not being around as much as she would like, which is normal, but now felt much more able to cope. A drink in the evening became a much smaller part of her life.

Case study 2.

Jeff had always been a heavy drinker. After another  relationship was failing that he knew was caused by his drinking, he decided he wanted to try and save it and  gave hypnosis a go.

Working with Jeff over 4 weeks, we trained his mind to calm down about different aspects of life, from anger, to frustration. Little things no longer bothered him, his partners, the guys at work, and even past failures didn't seemed important, compared to the life he could now look forward to. While there were still some troubles in his relationship, he felt it was  going forward, no longer constantly angry, of reaching for the bottle, he knew he had more control and direction in life than he had in very long time.

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Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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