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Finger nail biting driving you crazy??

Use Hypnosis to aid in stopping nail biting. 

Sit down for the first 60 minute session as we take you through a personalized hypnosis session to help stop biting your nails. People have described this session as incredible relaxing.

Go home and listen to the additional hypnosis audio track we give you to really cement in the new ways of looking after your nails.

Back to our office 4-7 days later, with your follow up session of 30 minutes to reinforce our earlier session, as we look to help in growing long, white, strong and healthy.

Help free yourself of that childhood habit

Want to start wearing your rings, the nail vanish or picking up a drink with your hand with healthy fingers.

It doesn't matter if you pick your nails, bite the skin, or chew the cuticle. Using hypnosis we help people break that unwanted habit.

Why do you bite your nails?

It doesn't matter.

It may have been used as a means to relive tension, stress or anxiety as a toddler.

But by now most adults are way past this and are just left with an annoying unwanted habit.

If it is stress or anxiety then there are ways to help this nail biter out to.

If it's time to stop biting your nails, use hypnosis to help and contact us today.


A very happy client here. It's been 3 weeks now since I've bitten my nails which is amazing as I've bitten them since I was a small child. I also haven't a had a single anxiety attack or created any anxiety by over thinking situations which I've also suffered from for years. I feel like a new calmer version of myself. I was so skeptical about hypnotherapy that I'm amazed by it still. Just 2 sessions with you and I feel like my life is in control. Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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