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Hypnosis for quit smoking Auckland. Experienced in working With the most addicted smokers to help them quit.

When it's time to quit smoking for life, you don't want to miss any important steps along the way. At Lifestyle Hypnosis we help to ensure all your bases are covered. Not only do we do hypnosis for quit smoking very well, with a fully experience stop smoking hypnotist working with you, but we also know the different steps that need to be covered to help enable you to achieve success.

  1. Want to avoid a prolonged struggle to get off cigarettes. There are practical steps a smoker can take to get nicotine out of the body faster. We teach them to you.
  2. Hoping you won't get angry or too stressed while quitting upsetting friends and family We teach you some facts about nicotine withdrawal that you want to know to keep cool and in control.
  3. Worried about all that weight you could put on. You'll learn what has to be done to stay free of substitute behaviours.

Hypnotherapist Stefan Sageman, provides you with with the skill set required to help get you off cigarettes.

Are you smoking a pack or more a day? Haven't stopped smoking longer than a few hours? Then work with Hypnotherapist Stefan Sageman who takes pride in working with the most difficult of smokers to quit with hypnosis.

Help reduce cravings, and anxiety with hypnosis for quit Smoking

While knowledge is a great start, you'll also be working with a hypnotist for stop smoking to ensure the transition from smoker, to non smoker is as simple as possible by helping to:

  1. To reduce, anxiety and stress.
  2. Sort out the conflicts in your mind, or that little voice that says,"just have one puff, it is okay, just this time."
  3. Reduce internal tension.
  4. And instill confidence, motivation and willpower.
  5. Break connections between smoking and drinking or stress.
  6. Remove any emotional connections, or distracting behaviour smoking may have been used for.

Hypnosis for quit smoking works on the emotional parts of the mind, the thought process working behind conscious awareness. And working with a professional, experienced hypnotherapist you'll experience the best techniques available to help release those unwanted thoughts, stay healthy, and avoid putting on weight when quitting.

Results between clients may vary, with each client having there own unique challenges to overcome.

Quit smoking program Auckland

Pre-talk and hypnosis session 1 hour 30 minutes (session times may vary)
Follow up session optional
Total including all the above $295.
Covering 3 Easy Changes to Make Quitting Easier
Time to get you ready for your hypnosis session so you get the most out of it
Covering all your individual triggers & anxieties.
Working with cravings and constant negative thinking
Building confidence and Motivation
Please come in with the attitude you will be stopping on the day of your booking and have had your last cigarette before arriving

Choose to quit cigarettes today!

If you have had enough of watching as your friends and work colleagues stop one by one while you continue to smoke. If you would like more money in your pocket, or to be free of worrying about the symptoms the next doctor check up, or simply having the ability to breath easy and want to live a healthier life then contact us today for your hypnosis for quit smoking session, or book online now.

Please note while every effort is put in to help you quit, we are unable to offer a money back guarantee. While hypnosis can be very helpful in supporting a person quit, it still requires effort motivation and commitment from each individual.

Disclaimer: While hypnosis is a safe and well-tested method, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers, there is no guarantee of specific results. Results will vary from case to case. We do not diagnose or claim to cure any disease. This is a professional service by a qualified hypnotherapist, within a health clinic environment.

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